Seja Nosso Credenciado
History Portugues

SEPAO ASSIST is a company created and managed by destists. Thoroughly aware of customers' health urges and requirementes for quality of life in professional and social contexts they implement a philosophy of dental care which view the users as patients.

Established in 1986, SEPAO ASSIST has at all times focuse on quality, seeking to meet full satisfaction of its users' expectations, transmitting responsability and efficiency, conquering a reliable position on the market.

Furthermore, together with an ample credentialed network of professionals strategically distributed all over Brazil, SEPAO ASSIST has acquired a steady position of leadership and seriousness, working as a partner in clinical assistance, developing actual work teams.

Results did not take long to show up, and as a consequence SEPAO ASSIST succeeded in having an extensive list of customers, made of important and top-line companies and isntitutions of the national market.